NFL Event Frequency Coordinator Tools

Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer Captures for each stadium

Please note these documents show TV channels that were active on the day the captures were taken. These are NOT real time captures and are updated as the EFC has time to capture & supply the data.

TV channels shown as "empty" in these captures may have other users coordinated in them and may or may not be available.

Note: some of these files are over 1 MB in size, so be patient when downloading over a slower connection.

AFC Venue Last Updated NFC Venue Last Updated
Baltimore 8-2-2018 Arizona 5-29-2016
Buffalo 7-20-2018 Atlanta 5-31-2016
Cincinnati 8-5-2018 Carolina 7-22-2018
Cleveland 5-29-2016 Chicago 8-16-2018
Denver 5-22-2016 Dallas 8-15-2018
Houston 8-30-2018 Detroit 8-1-2018
Indianapolis 8-14-2018 Green Bay 5-23-2016
Jacksonville 7-27-2018 Los Angeles Rams 8-16-2018
Kansas City 5-21-2016 Minnesota 8-14-2018
Los Angeles Chargers 8-14-2018 New Orleans 8-27-2018
Miami 7-5-2018 NY Giants 9-6-2018
New England 8-23-2018 Philadelphia 9-8-2018
NY Jets 5-20-2016 San Francisco 5-4-2018
Oakland 5-27-2016 Seattle 8-30-2018
Pittsburgh 6-7-2016 Tampa Bay 8-13-2018
Tennessee 6-7-2016 Washington 8-29-2018

Neutral Sites Last Updated
Canton, OH 7-15-2016
Orlando 8-12-2018

Anritsu MS2721B Spectrum Analyzer Configuration files for standardized spectrum measurements

Ralph's instructions on making the standardized spectrum captures

Please note that these setup files are version specific for the firmware loaded in your Spectrum Analyzer

Be sure to download and install the correct version of setup files or improper measurements may result.

Use the following procedure to find out what version of firmware is running on your spectrum analyzer.
On the spectrum analyzer, click on the cyan SHIFT key, then hit SYSTEM (the #8 key), then hit the STATUS softkey.
The software version is listed as "PACKAGE VERSION".

Package Version 1.21 setup files
Package Version 1.36 setup files
Package Version 1.43 setup files
Package Version 1.44 setup files
Package Version 1.47 setup files
Package Version 1.50 setup files

Alternatively, you can manually setup the SA to the following settings:

Spectrum Analyzer Settings Frequency Range to Capture Center Frequency (60 MHz Span) TV Channels
RBW: 100 KHz 54 – 114 MHz 84 MHz TV2-6
VBW: 30 KHz 174 – 234 MHz 204 MHz TV7-13
Attenuation: 0 470 – 530 MHz 500 MHz TV14-23
Detection: Peak 530 – 590 MHz 560 MHz TV24-33
Trace Mode: Max Hold 590 – 650 MHz 620 MHz TV34-43
Ref Lvl Offset: 0 650 – 710 MHz 680 MHz TV44-53

This setup places 10 TV channels per screen and each channel is within a graticule. Additionally, I have markers at 76, 82, 88, 216 & 698 MHz to show the non-standard TV channels 5 & 6 as well as the end of TV-13 and TV-51

Set the SA's REFERENCE LEVEL as appropriate for the site you are capturing data at. I recommend -20 dBm as a reasonable starting point but set your REFERENCE LEVEL to give the best levels without overloading the SA at your site.